Copyright, Image Use and Attribution


NZMM endeavours to allow as much free use of our content as possible. Many images are open source and free of any copyright, while some images have restrictions on use. Please check the copyright status of any images before using them.

Most images are 3,000 pixels on the long side. All are JPEG with a level of compression that best allows for sharing online and most forms of reproduction and use. Higher resolution versions maybe available of some images.

NZMM allows the use of some images from Collections Online under a Creative Commons licence. We retain copyright as per the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994 for content we have created.

1. To allow use we apply the following licences where content is not restricted:

a. CC BYCC BY Commercial and Non-Commercial use licence.

This license allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given to the creator. The license allows for commercial use. CC BY includes the following elements:

BY - Credit must be given to the creator

b. CC BY-NCCC BY-NC NZ Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial use licence.

This licence is used when NZMM is the copyright holder or material has been acquired under this licence. This license allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format for non-commercial purposes only, and only so long as attribution is given to the creator. It includes the following elements:

BY - Credit must be given to the creator

NC - Only non-commercial uses of the work are permitted

Images of Objects from Māori and Pasifica collections can only be used under the CC BY-NC Licence

2. Open source or public domain:

a. No copyright.

This is used when, as far as NZMM is aware, there are no copyright restrictions. This image can be reused and shared.

3. Some images are considered orphan(ed) works, or have an undetermined copyright status:

a. Copyright undetermined - untraced rights holder.

This applies to orphan(ed) works where there is no known creator; or after reasonable effort, using available resources, the creator or copyright owner is found to be untraceable, and the copyright has not yet expired.

4. All Rights Reserved:

a. Copyright or other restrictions may apply.

This is used when the object is under copyright and restrictions are placed on reuse. This means that the object cannot be copied, shared or reused other than for the purpose of fair dealing, as defined by the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994


New Zealand Maritime Museum Hui Te Ananui a Tangaroa (NZMM) aims to provide open access to its digitised collection images. Most of the images are available for download and reuse for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, free of charge. Rights statements or restrictions indicate the copyright status of each image, and credit lines for attribution. See the guidelines below for more information.

1. Acknowledgement

Please attribute the creator (if known – from Credit Line in the Object Record) and attribute NZMM as the source. Also, please link to the item's Collections Online page (with date accessed), and cite its accession number, as this will help for future reference.

CREATOR CREDIT LINE xxxx (i.e. third party, when applicable), New Zealand Maritime Museum Hui Te Ananui a Tangaroa, [Collections Online object record URL (accessed on xxx)], 1993.287.1

2. Conditions of use

The images on this website were created from material acquired by NZMM, often through donation. The images are all high-quality resolution (3000 MP) and are downloadable and printable. If you decide to reuse an image, please treat it with respect. NZMM endeavours to provide usage rights information for each object on this website. Please contact us if you wish to query or better inform the data provided.

When using images of people, please be respectful of how these images may be used. As many of the people in the images are not identified, this medium may aid in the identification of people and the reunion of family members, and the reunion with place and cultural practices. NZMM acknowledges the moral right of descendants, kaitiaki, advisors or stakeholders to request the removal of any images provided on this platform.

3. Copyright

The New Zealand Copyright Act 1994 applies to this site. It is the user’s responsibility to ascertain and comply with copyright requirements when reusing material. NZMM will attempt to ascertain the copyright status and will advise when known. Although NZMM are custodians of the physical items in this collection, we may not always own the copyright to the images. Copyright is a right in law that permits the creator to receive a fee for any reproduction of their work for a defined period. Copyright lapses 50 years after the publication of an image, or 50 years after the death of the photographer (=creator), where the photographer is known.

4. Use of copyrighted images

All content on this website, including copyrighted images, is subject to “fair dealing”. The Copyright Act 1994 allows “fair dealing” with a work for the purposes of research or private study (e.g. school projects or private family research) regardless of copyright status. For these purposes, copyrighted content saved or printed will not infringe copyright. For other purposes, you will need to contact NZMM for information about reproducing any copyrighted image, before publication or reproduction.

5. Copyright take-down policy

Where the copyright on any material belongs to a party other than NZMM, considering the resources available, reasonable effort has been taken to identify the copyright owner. If you are the owner of copyright of material that is available on this website in a way that constitutes an infringement of that copyright, or a breach of an agreed license or contract, please notify the Collections Team at

6. Help us locate copyright owners

Considering available resources, reasonable effort has been made to locate the copyright owners of material used on this website. In cases where this has not been possible, copyright owners are invited to contact the Collections Team at

7. Images depicting tangata whenua or taonga Māori or Pasifica

Any images depicting tangata whenua or taonga Māori or Pasifica are of significant cultural importance to whānau, hapu and iwi. NZMM requests that these images and associated information be used only for research, study, personal and educational purposes. If you wish to use such images for any other purposes, please contact the Collections Team at